Hiding isn't easy.
Kellie Caruso. 20. (INDEPENDENT OC RP) Verse 1: Kellie was found by her husband and was taken back to CT to live with him. He did incredibly well at making her feel guilty and so she blames herself mostly for leaving him alone. He only allows her to interact with his friends and his friends wives. (Those who are more high-class). She goes by her real name of Amanda.

Verse 2: Kellie is still in NYC as a bartender, working very often to save up money so that she can go to culinary arts school. She lives in a small apartment and doesn't go out much, afraid to meet new people. Most of the people she talks to are drunk patrons of the bar, so she's had difficulty making friends in the city.

Kellie had just started work for the evening, it was going to be a long, slow night. Wednesdays were always slow except for the small crowd that came in for the drink specials and the regulars. Not too far into her shift, she saw one of the men who usually came in from time to time. He was nice, usually quiet, though. She saw him coming towards the bar and once she was in his line of sight, she grabbed a beer and held it up with a smile. “Is this what you’re looking for?” She asked. She had started to get used to what the regulars drank.